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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gen. Krulak Sides with Will!

I just learned that former Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Charles "Chuck" Krulak agrees with George Will that our war in Afghanistan is unwinnable.  How is that for credibility?  Of course, it's only a matter of time before Rush Limbaugh and the other neocons add Krulak to the ranks of the "phony soldiers" they lambasted for not supporting the war in Iraq.  I suppose Limbaugh and company have just never met a war they didn't like--despite the fact that they all had better things to do than actually fight in one.

On a personal note, Krulak just redeemed himself in my eyes.  When I was at the Naval Academy (1990-1993), then-Lieutenant General Krulak was putting the pressure on all the Marines assigned to the Academy to recruit more Marine-option midshipmen.  This was at a time when the Corps had more officers than it needed, and competition to get a regular commission was stiff.  Krulak's agenda was clear:  as an alum himself, he was spearheading a move to make the Naval Academy the Corps' premier commissioning source.  It was, to say the least ,a dubious cause--one that seemed to suggest a preference for indoctrination over education.  Maybe I had the guy all wrong.  --EFP
P.S. Here is a link to Krulak's letter to Will:  http://abcnews.go.com/images/ThisWeek/Krulak_letter2.pdf

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Larry Scroggs said...

Ed I'm sending your link to General Krulak's message on to some friends of mine. I read other blogs and Web sites that cover the military and the strategic steps the US should follow overseas. Many people much more knowledgeable than I have been pointing out the same things as the general. I particularly like the suggestion to use "hunter-killer" teams of our special ops people along the Afgan border, fully supported by our technology assets. I think the specter of "sudden death from above" hanging over any bad guys will be sufficient to quash their activities. Thanks for providing the link.