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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Palm's Progress (toward running and identifying squirrels)

[Douglas squirrel, my backyard, March 22, 2010 (No need to belabor the connection to today's comment.)]
Weighed in today at 183.8 and ran 3 miles out of 6.62.  For the first time, I felt fairly comfortable and didn't have to strain to make three miles.  I'm making progress. 
        Last night, when I was channel surfing, I caught a few minutes of Glenn Beck.  I was surprised--at first--to discover that Beck was not ranting about health care,  His topic was immigration, and I found myself agreeing with much of what he said.
        Beck said that he loves and welcomes immigrants because they believe in what America stands for and they are excited to be here.  Ok, I can go with that.
        Beck was quick to add that he was talking about legal immigation.  He is very much opposed to illegal immigration, which he considers to be immoral.  OK, I can go with that too.
        Beck added that, when they come here, immigrants need to be willing to respect and adjust to our culture.  I'm fine with that as well.
        Then he stressed that immigrants need to learn English.  I agree.  Even though I'm not especially a "language, culture, and borders guy," I think that learning English is a practical necessity for anyone who would live and thrive in this country.  We liberals do tend to subscribe to some notions of cultural relativism that aren't always in our best interests as a nation.
         Beck went on to stress that becoming really proficient in our own language is the work of a lifetime and that we all need to keep working at it.  Otherwise, we won't fully understand the issues and won't be able to contribute to the debate.  I'm definitely down with that--since I teach English.  Beck, however, was clearly implying that conservatives need to be better prepared to counter liberal rhetoric.   
         But then Beck revealed his real agenda.  He implied that the so-called "progressives" are welcoming immigrants with limited English skills because they are easy to dupe and will therefore support liberal causes. 
         That's where I part company with Beck and his paranoia.  There is no liberal conspiracy to overwhelm conservatives with people who don't know enough English to understand what is really going on and who will therefore support the liberal agenda.
          I should have known that the man who would accuse Obama of "hating white people" would put such a spin on the immigration issue.  Glenn Beck is a demagogue through and through.  --EFP

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