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Friday, April 16, 2010

Palm the Patriot

[Monument to Non-Violence, Malmo, Sweden, July, 2004]
So Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is urging Tea Party members to "take back our country from this gangster government."
      Let me get this straight:  We have now have a "gangster government"?  I take it that the Obama Gang is getting ready to fit conservatives with cement overshoes.
      I have to wonder if Bachman isn't confusing "gangster" with "gangsta"--as in "gangsta rap."  This, of course, is the type of hip-hop music reflecting the violent behavior and attitudes of urban African-American gangs.  Does Bachmann actually see Obama as this type of "gangsta," or worse yet, is she encouraging her listeners to view Obama in this light?  
      Personally, I still think that underneath all the vitriol is an unacknowledged racist refusal to accept an African-American as our president.
      Kudos to Bill Clinton for speaking up against irresponsible, inflammatory rhetoric and on behalf of civility and common sense.  --EFP

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