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A long time ago, my sophomore English teacher, Father William Campbell, saw something in my writing and predicted that I would someday become a newspaper columnist. He suggested the perfect title for my column--"Leaves of the Palm." Now that I have a little extra time on my hands I've decided to put Father Campbell's prediction to the test. I'm going to start using this blog site not just to reprint opinion pieces I've published elsewhere but to try to get more of my ideas and opinions out there. Feedback is welcome. To find out more about me, please check out my Web site: www.EdwardFPalm.com (Click on any of the photos below for an enlarged view.)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Recent Palm-Prints

Keyport, WA, April 25, 2010.  (Taken in the course of a 12-mile bike trip to Keyport and back.  If I say so myself, I like the lighting in this one.)

I don't know:  The bedrooms may be a bit cramped.  (On the road to Brownsville, WA, April 22, 2010.)
The old girl's still got it in her!  Silverdale, WA, April 21, 2010.  (This was after she brought it in the house and I had to chase her down the hall.  I was trying to intercept her before she gave Andrea a heart attack.  Fortunately, I managed to chase Gracie back outside and to break the news to Andrea gently.  She just wouldn't drop it, and I wasn't about to play tug of war with her.  We had to bribe her with a treat in order to get her to drop her trophy.  Sad to say, but Gracie is 14 and is otherwise aging rapidly. )


Larry Scroggs said...

Ed your terrier is only doing what comes naturally. It is great that she still can catch and kill a rat at her age. My cat wouldn't chase a mouse if it bit her on the nose.
The size of that rat is amazing. I am not afraid of many things but rats (live ones)give me the heebie-jeebies. Both the movies, Willard and Ben, really creeped me out back in the Seventies. Do you remember the rats in our new position in Viet Nam? Big suckers!! Remind me to tell you a story about them.

Anonymous said...

Never saw a rat I did not like to get rid of. Sincerly The old Sarge